Ladies and Youth Tag Tournament

Over the past two weeks, PRFC Ladies and Youth have been competing in a tag tournament to mark the end of the 2020/21 Season. The girls played three matches each night with a total of 6 matches across the two weeks to determine the winner.

The first week of games was made difficult by the humid weather but the girls thoroughly enjoyed the competition as well as a few laughs. Each game was fast paced and filled with action with some spectacular tries from both of Senior and Youth Ladies! At the end of the first week, the orange team – Kick Up The Grass – topped the leader board but it was the yellow team, Humidititties who took home the prize for best team name!
In the second week, it was tight going into the matches and our girls fought hard to earn their place at the top as every pointed counted in their final games! The winner, of what we hope to be an annual event, was Kick Up the Grass with the red team, the Krusty Nuts, not far behind! Special mention must go to the blue team, Blue Balls, who despite their best efforts and a few fantastic team tries took home the first wooden spoon of the tournament.

After the prizes were handed out, the girls were treated a wonderful barbeque, organised by the marvellous coaches and management of both the senior ladies and the youth. This gave the girls the opportunity to get to know their teammates off the pitch and discuss their highlights from the days matches as the sun set over Chamber Park.

Massive thanks to all who volunteered over the two weeks, including the coaches and referees, this wouldn’t have been able to have happened without you.



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